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Posted: Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Fantasy Football Quarterbacks: Why Tim Tebow Is a No-Go

Tim Tebow

Now that Tebowmania is coming to New York, many fans are interested in what the Tim Tebow fantasy projections are. But when it comes to fantasy football quarterbacks, you're going to need more than a hope and a prayer in order to win your league. So what can people expect out of Tim Tebow?

As of now, Tim Tebow is not the New York Jets starting quarterback – Mark Sanchez is. And it is unclear right now what Tim Tebow will be doing with the Jets, other than being a backup quarterback and being part of a “wildcat” offense.

So what does it mean when it comes to how the Tim Tebow fantasy numbers for 2012? It means that drafting Tim Tebow is not a good idea when your fantasy draft comes around, if you are in an all-season league. If you are in a weekly league, like at Draft Street, where you can draft a team each week and potentially win cash and prizes, it's a different story.

Basically, nobody knows if and win Tim Tebow will start. Last year, he didn't even get to start until over a quarter of the season was over. So it would have been an awful idea to draft him in August, but not quite as horrible an idea to pick Tim Tebow up in October. However, even if he does start, the Tim Tebow fantasy numbers are not always pretty to look at, so he's not really a top option for fantasy football quarterbacks, anyway.

However, there is one caveat – if Tim Tebow does this sort of utility type of play with the wildcat offense, he could potentially ring up fantasy football points. It's all uncharted territory.

So, when you're getting ready to draft fantasy football quarterbacks, Tim Tebow is not worth the risk right now, but he could be in a few months. Stay tuned.

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